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Bladerunner OC4

From the serious competitor to the casual social paddler, the Bladerunner OC4 caters for everyone. 

So you train hard and train to win, the OC4 is a fantastic training tool for splitting OC6 crews to paddle off. Ever turned up to training with only four or ten paddlers? - don't leave empty seats, bring on the OC4!

What's that? You love to paddle but just enough to get you onto that wave? Then the OC4 is perfect for you. Maneuverable, light (98kgs), and easy to rig using rubber, the Bladerunner OC4 is the perfect surfing canoe. In trials last season the OC4 was catching 2-3 waves to every 1 that the frustrated guys in the OC6 could catch!

HANG ON! You don't like paddling at all?! Prefer to sit back and let the wind do the work? With the sail option this canoe would be a welcome relaxation vessel at any club or resort!

Positive flotation and waterproof hatches are standard on all OC4s - see you in the surf!

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