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Bladerunner Solutions, has evolved from over 45 years of Marine Engineering, Boat Building - Commercial - Defence - Private - Surveys and related services, see details and pics. below.

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About Bladerunner Solutions

PLEASE NOTE: Bladerunner Outrigger Canoes are now manufactured in Fiji by Waimana Va'a - Stanley Ooms a well established local V1 Manufacturer, he has added the Bladerunner OC6, OC4, OC2 and OC1 canoes to his range of quality products.

Bladerunner Boats/Solutions continues on with the knowledge and expertise of 45 years plus of Marine Engineering, Design & Boatbuilding experience. We can bring your ideas to life with CAD & CNC precision.

Let us do your R&D Plug and Mould manufacture. See our Custom Projects area for pictures of our successful range of projects.

Our products and services include: Hull & Mechanical Surveys, Electrolysis Testing, Diesel Specialist advise, Aluminium & S/Steel Welding.

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Custom Projects

Bladerunner Solutions: Let us solve your R&D - Design - CNC Plug - Tooling - Man.etc. to bring your product to life

Bladerunner OC1

This canoe was built for Australian race conditions ie: "Triangle" or start and finish at the same place. It has a longer water line length making it quicker into the chop and flat conditions.

It is also a changing volume canoe ie: increasing "Vee" to the gunwale above the water line - this is an advantage in following seas and also for the larger paddler - 140 kg. is not a problem!

The Targa Bladerunner's exciting innovations - the 'Targa' Bladerunner! Built for high performance in following seas and swell, the Targa Bladerunner OC1 & 2 features a higher volume nose, sloping seat area, deeper footwells with venturi drainage, this sitting position enables good leg drive and bracing for stability.

Standard Features:

OPTIONS - "Targa" your own colour scheme

Construction Options: Carbon/Kevlar/SGlass - "Nomex" - Vinylester/Epoxy - Vacuum Bagged


All Bladerunner Canoes contain the regulation .03cu/mtr. of Positive Floatation as required by AOCRA Race Rules.

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Bladerunner OC2

Built around the classic Bladerunner OC1 specs, the Bladerunner OC2 Targa is proving itself in all conditions, this canoe still holds the Hamo-16km. around the island Open Mens Marathon record of 1hr.11min.04sec. so try the fastest OC-2 on the Australian circuit so grab a partner and check this canoe out!

Standard Features:


All Bladerunner OC2 Canoes contain the regulation .04cu/mtr. of Positive Floatation as required by AOCRA Race Rules.

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Bladerunner OC4

From the serious competitor to the casual social paddler, the Bladerunner OC4 caters for everyone.

So you train hard and train to win, the OC4 is a fantastic training tool for splitting OC6 crews to paddle off. Ever turned up to training with only four or ten paddlers? - don't leave empty seats, bring on the OC4!

What's that? You love to paddle but just enough to get you onto that wave? Then the OC4 is perfect for you. Maneuverable, light (98kgs), and easy to rig using rubber, the Bladerunner OC4 is the perfect surfing canoe. In trials last season the OC4 was catching 2-3 waves to every 1 that the frustrated guys in the OC6 could catch!

Hang on! You don't like paddling at all?! Prefer to sit back and let the wind do the work? With the sail option this canoe would be a welcome relaxation vessel at any club or resort! Positive flotation and waterproof hatches are standard on all OC4s - see you in the surf!

Bladerunner OC6

Unlike many overseas outrigger canoe races, the majority of race courses in Australia encompass all conditions. Most races start and finish at close to the same point, meaning that one leg may consist of solid swell and following seas - the next consisting of a massive headwind! In the past canoes have been designed specifically with one condition or the other in mind - until the Bladerunner.

Specially designed for Australian conditions and Australian racing formats, the Bladerunner OC6 combines maneuverability, 'surfability' along with solid tracking in order to give the best all-round performance throughout each race leg, allowing the steerer to paddle more than any other OC-6 Design.


Suitable in a wide variety of situations and for a wide variety of crews.